Pub crawls 2021-2022

CUTwC runs a series of pub crawls throughout (mostly) the first two terms of the academic year, intending to visit every public house in Cambridge during that time. This is an excellent way to learn you way around Cambridge, so long as you don't mind asking "what pub's it near?" when being given directions. The crawl is pleased to reappear after a COVID-induced absence in the 2020-2021 season.

See also the 2019-2020 crawl.

Crawl map 2021-2022

Saturday 11th of December 2021: Ben Fairbairn's Birthday "39 is like 69, only smaller" Bonus Crawl

Meeting in the Old Ticket Office at 2pm.

9-15 pubs to visit.

Possible additions:

Directions (for the primary pubs only):

Friday 3rd of December 2021: The Sturton Street Crawl

Meeting in The Dobblers Inn at 7:30pm.

7 pubs visited.

Attendance: Edward Brown, Ed Green, Harley Jones, Izzy Jarvis, Katherine Drew


Tuesday 23rd of November 2021: The Laundress Green Crawl

Meeting in The Red Bull at 7:30pm

7 6 pubs (plus a bar) visited.

Attendance: Edward Brown, Alex, Harley, Kat, Sam, Toby


Friday 5th of November 2021: The (untraditional) Arbury Crawl

Meeting in the Fort St George at 7:30pm.

6 pubs (and a bonus drink) visited.

Attendance: 🤦
Fort-Spring-Boathouse-Carpenter's-Carlton: Molly, Harley, Jake, Toby, Izzy
Fort-Spring-Boathouse-Carpenter's-Portland-Thirsty-Carlton: Edward B, SiBo
Fort-Spring-Boathouse-Carpenter's: Leo, Panos, Arnaldo, Sam, Alex (not the Fort)

Note: Normally we would start at the fireworks (which aren't happening this year), queue for half an hour to get a drink (which hopefully won't be necessary this year), and do the traditional Arbury Crawl, except we can't because the Ship has closed and a 1.6-mile walk from the Golden Hind to the Carlton Arms is unappealing.


Friday 29th of October 2021: The Prospect Row Crawl

Meeting in the Clarendon Arms at 7:30pm

7 pubs visited.

Attendance: Edward Brown, Molly Birch, Alex Fairclough, James Ireland, Toby Bruce, Sam; Ed Green joined at the Duke of Cambridge.


Monday 25th of October 2021: The Regent Street Crawl

Meeting at the Prince Regent at 7:30pm.

7 5 pubs visited.

Attendance: Harley, James and Alex; Hiro, Kat and Tash joined at the Bike Shop, Hiro left after the Alma.