Pub crawls 2012-2013

CUTwC runs a series of pub crawls throughout the first two terms of the academic year, intending to visit every public house in Cambridge during that time. This is an excellent way to learn you way around Cambridge, so long as you don't mind asking "what pub's it near?" when being given directions.

See also the 2010-2011 crawl.

Monday 3rd of June - the Yon Mill Road Crawl

Starting in the Brook at 7:00pm.

7 pubs visited (total very hard to say) - attendees: Harley Jones (in body if not spirit), Ed Green, Stew Sage, Rupert Thompson, Andrew Garrard

Note: The order was adjusted to finish nearer to a source of curry: Brook, Empress, Earl of Beac, Bells, Live, Salisbury, Devonshire.


Sunday 5th of March - the Cherry Hinton Crawl

Starting in the Pantron Arms at 7pm.

9 pubs to visit, depending on how many of these pubs are still open:


Apparently the Hill Road Crawl has been run. Details will be forthcoming.

Writing this in 2021... apparently not.

Sunday 17th of March - the Town Centre Crawl

Note: this crawl was mis-announced as being on Saturday 16th. Apologies for any confusion. I appear to be unable to arrange a piss-up in a brewery.

Meeting at the Red Bull at 7:30pm.

10 (or 9) pubs to visit:


Saturday 23rd of February: The Hither Mill Road Crawl

Meeting in the Bakers at 7:30pm

8 pubs visited (one twice) (total 33) - attendees: Ed Green, Matthew Fayers (not second visit to White Swan), Rupert Thompson (not second visit to White Swan), Andrew Garrard (Cambridge Blue onwards), Patrick Driscoll (Kingston Arms onwards), Emma Driscoll (Kingston Arms only)

Time constraints actually dictated that the Kingston Arms be visited before the White Swan (which is open until 2am, and was visited a second time by some after the curry).


Sunday 20th of January: The Victoria Road Crawl

Meeting in The Portland Arms at 7pm

5 (plus one bonus) pubs visited (total 25) - attendees: Stew Sage, Ed Green, Sarah Knight


Wednesday 16th of January (the Club Birthday!): The King Street Crawl

Meeting in the Clarendon Arms at 7:30pm

7 pubs visited (total 20) - attendees: Stew Sage, Ed Green, Sarah Knight, Rupert Thompson, Patrick Barrie, Andrew Garrard (belatedly), Harley Jones (Maypole only)


Monday 5th of November: Arbury Crawl

7 pubs to visit (total 13).

Meeting at the Fort St George from 6:45pm.


Please note: Arbury has historically been home to a disproportionate amount of anti-university feeling. While this is not as pervasive as was once the case, it is best not to aggravate matters: please go out of your way to be on your best behaviour, and it may help not to be too obviously-connected with the university (e.g. avoid wearing college scarves or Quarter Blues).

Saturday 13th of October 2012: Freshers' Crawl

6 pubs visited - attendees: Ed Green, Stewart Sage, Patrick Driscoll, Andrew Garrard

Meeting in Quinn's from 7:30pm.

Directions ending at the Tram Depot: