Pub crawls 2023-2024

CUTwC runs a series of pub crawls throughout (mostly) the first two terms of the academic year, intending to visit every public house in Cambridge during that time. This is an excellent way to learn you way around Cambridge, so long as you don’t mind asking “what pub’s it near?” when being given directions.

If you are not obviously an old fart, please bring ID with you, since pubs seem to be more enthusiastic about checking these days. Refusal often offends, and more importantly holds up the crawl.

See also the 2022-2023 crawl.

Previous years: 2021-2022 2019-2020 2018-2019 2017-2018 2016-2017 2016-2017 2015-2016 2014-2015 2013-2014 2012-2013 2010-2011 1999-2000 1997-1998 1996-1997

For historical reference, there is a comparison of pubs open in 2022 compared with the 1996 crawl, the earliest recorded on this site.

Crawl map 2023-2024

Thursday 14th of March: The Abbey Crawl

Meeting in The St Radegund at 6:30pm or Bird or Worm? at 7:10pm.

6 pubs (or 5+1, or 4+1+ a “food pub”) visited.

Attendees: Abbie, Bertie, Holly, Jake, Josh (all pubs), Thomas and Nat (Green Dragon and Haymakers only)


Saturday 9th of March: The Town Centre Crawl

Meeting in The Grain & Hop Store at 7pm.

8 pubs visited

Attendance: Lucy, Tia, Bertie, Emmy, Jack, Abbie, Francie (left after BrewDog), Phoebe (Pint Shop onwards), Nate, Ameena, Agnes, Gianpaolo, Emma, Kez (Smokeworks Tap onwards)


Friday 23rd of February: The Mill Road Crawl

Meeting in The Brook at 6:30pm.

6 pubs visited

Attendance: Tia, Bertie, Emmy, Abby, Jack, Holly, Thomas.


Saturday 17th of February: The Laundress Green Crawl

Meeting in The Red Bull after the Varsity Match (estimated 4:30pm).

7 pubs visited.


The Red Bull
William Roberts, Dominic Seymour, Wiktor Krzeminski, Anthony Adamson, Mike Li, Hélouïse Picolet, Marcus O’Connor, Sam Dernie, Bertie Politi, Emmy Charalambous, Edward Brown, Hannah Winter, Holly Smith, Francis Kelly, Leilani, Abby, Marc Mills
The Granta
Marcus O’Connor, Anthony Adamson, Wiktor Krzeminski, Bertie Politi, Edward Brown, Emmy Charalambous, Abby, Francis Kelly(?)
The Mill
Holly Smith, Emmy Charalambous, Edward Brown, Jack Murphy, Marc Mills, Bertie Politi, Abby
The Town and Gown
Marc Mills, Edward Brown, Emmy Charalambous, Abby, Bertie Politi, Jack Murphy, Holly Smith
The Mitre
Edward Brown, Emmy Charalambous, Bertie Politi, Jack Murphy, Holly Smith, Marc Mills
The Baron of Beef
Edward Brown, Emmy Charalambous, Jack Murphy, Holly Smith, Thomas(?), Nat “+ brother”, Marc Mills


Saturday 10th of February: The Castle Hill Crawl

Meeting in The Travellers Rest at 7pm.

7 pubs visited

Attendance: Emmy, Sebastian, Nat, Jack, Holly, thomas.


Saturday 3rd of February: The King Street Crawl

Meeting in The Wrestlers at 7:00pm.

6 pubs visited.

Attendance: Bertie, Holly, Thomas, Francis (Burleigh Arms onwards).

(Original) Directions:

Saturday 27th of January:
Bonus SEPTiC “30-for-30” crawl

Celebrating the 30th birthdays of:
Dr James Ewan Ireland
Dr Zachariah William Michael Bond
Mr Harley Alastair Lawrence Tate Jones

Meeting for breakfast from 9:15am in Weatherspoons at The Regal for a 10:00am commencement.

30 pubs visited, although not officially part of the annual tour.

(Original) Directions

Optimistic schedule

10:00am10:15am The Regal photo link photo link
(38-39 St Andrews Street, under the Art’s Picture House)
10:20am10:35am The Old Bicycle Shop
(104 Regent St, near Lensfield Road)
10:45am11:00am The Town & Gown
(8 Market Passage)
11:05am11:20am The Eagle photo link
(8 Bene’t Street)
11:20am11:35am The Bath House photo link
(3 Bene’t Street)
11:45am12:00pm The Pint Shop
(10 Peas Hill)
12:05pm12:20pm The Baron of Beef photo link
(19 Bridge Street)
12:20pm12:35pm The Mitre photo link
(Bridge Street)
12:35pm12:50pm The Pickerel Inn photo link
(30 Magdalene Street, opposite Magdalene College)
12:55pm2:05pm The Castle Inn photo link
(36 Castle Street)
13:20pmThe Exemplum Habemus ½ Drayman’s best
13:40pm“hoppy, light. SOS told egg-carpet anecdote”
2:10pm2:25pm The Champion of the Thames photo link
(68 King Street)
2:25pm2:40pm The King Street Run photo link
(86 King Street)
2:50pm3:05pm The Clarendon Arms photo link
(28 Clarendon Street)
3:10pm3:25pm The Elm Tree photo link
(Orchard Street, Elm Street/Eden Street, opposite the Cricketers)
3:25pm3:40pm The Free Press photo link photo link
(Prospect Row)
3:45pm4:00pm The Tram Depot photo link
(Dover Street)
4:05pm4:20pm The Duke of Cambridge
(Adam & Eve Street/East Road)
4:25pm4:40pm The Blue Moon
(2 Norfolk Street, junction with Staffordshire Street)
4:45pm5:00pm The Dobblers Inn photo link
(184 Sturton Street, junction with Fairsford Place)
5:05pm5:20pm The Geldart photo link photo link
(1 Ainsworth Street, junction with Sleaford Street)
5:30pm5:45pm The Cambridge Blue photo link
(23-25 Gwydir Street)
5:55pm6:10pm The Petersfield
(2 Sturton Street)
6:25pm6:40pm The Kingston Arms photo link photo link
(33 Kingston Street)
6:50pm8:00pm The Curry Queen
(106 Mill Road)
8:05pm8:20pm The Earl of Beaconsfield photo link
(Junction of Mill Road and Great Eastern Street)
8:25pm8:40pm The Empress photo link
(72 Thoday Street, junction with St Philips Road)
8:45pm9:00pm The Royal Standard
(292 Mill Road, opposite Belgrave Road)
9:10pm9:25pm Old Ticket Office
(Unit 1, Cambridge Railway Station)
9:30pm9:45pm The Salisbury Arms photo link photo link
(76 Tenison Road)
9:50pm10:00pm The Live and Let Live photo link photo link
(Mawson Road/Cross Street)


9:15Regal (breakfast)Harley, Katherine, Tash, Dannish, James, Jake, Stew
10amRegal(EdG visited independently)
10:20amOld Bike Shop(EdG visited independently)
10:45amTown and Gown(EdG visited independently)
11:05amEagle(EdG visited independently)
11:20amBath House(EdG visited independently)
11:45amBrewdog(EdG visited independently)
12:00amPint Shop(EdG visited independently)
12:20amBaron of Beef+EdG, +Marc
Castle (Lunch)“2/10. My friends are tedious.”
Champion of the Thames+Toby, RupertK, Molly
King Street Run“4/10. Fairly dull until cannibalism.”
3:15pmClarendon Arms
3:35pmElm Tree
Free Press-Stew
4:20pmTram Depot+Luke
4:30pmDuke of Cambridge
Alexandra Arms
5:50pmCambridge Blue
6:30pmKingston Arms-Holly, +SiBo
Curry Queen-RupertK, -Toby, -Molly, +Bertie
8:30pmEarl of Beaconsfield
Empress-James, -Luke, -Marc
Royal Standard
10:00pmSalisbury Arms
Station Tavern
10:30pmOld Ticket Office

Saturday 2nd of December: The Sturton Street Crawl

Meeting in The Dobblers Inn at 7pm.

7 pubs visited.

Attendance: Lucy, Phobe, Bertie, Emmy & Tia: all pubs. Alice & Josh: Geldart on. Holly & Thomas: Kingston Arms only.


Saturday 18th of November: The Laundress Green Crawl

Crawl cancelled due to lack of interest after the NHIPper.

Meeting in The Red Bull after the NHIPper, hopefully around 7pm.

7 pubs to visit.


Friday 10th of November: The Prospect Row Crawl

Meeting in The Clarendon Arms at 7pm.

7 pubs visited.

Attendance: Holly, Bertie, Lucy, Tia, Phoebe, Emmy, Thomas and (Clarendon only) Francis.


Saturday 4th of November: The Arbury Crawl

Meeting at The Fort St George from 6:30pm, or at least having finished your drink by the end of the fireworks that start at 7pm.

6 pubs visited, if the web site maintainer understands correctly.

Attendance: Ed, Bertie, Phoebe, Toby and either Tara or Tia, reports are confused.


Saturday 21st of October: The Regent Street Crawl

Meeting in The Grain & Hop Store at 7:00pm.

Six pubs to visit.

Two pubs and two probably-not-pubs visited and drunk at, two others visited physically but not to drink.

Attendance: Holly, Bertie, Josh, Anya, Rebecca, Lucy, Phobe, Francis (Prince Regent only), Brad (Emperor onwards), Brennain (Panton only).