Pub crawls 2017-2018

CUTwC runs a series of pub crawls throughout (mostly) the first two terms of the academic year, intending to visit every public house in Cambridge during that time. This is an excellent way to learn you way around Cambridge, so long as you don't mind asking "what pub's it near?" when being given directions.

See also the 2016-2017 crawl.

Saturday 23rd of June: The Grantchester Crawl redux

Meeting at the Green Man at 1:30pm, or the Alma from noon.

The crawl so nice, we crawled it twice. See below for details.

Saturday 9th of June: The Grantchester Crawl

Meeting at the Green Man at 2:30pm, or the Alma from 1pm.

Three pubs in Cambridge to visit, with four bonus pubs in Grantchester outside the city limits.


Friday 1st of June: The Other Crawl

Meeting in the Corner House at 7:00pm.

87 pubs visited:

Attendees: Harley and James.


Friday 27th of April: The Cherry Hinton Crawl

Meeting in the Red Lion at 7:30pm.

6 pubs successfully visited.

Attendees: Harley, Ed and James; Ben from the Queen Edith on.


Sunday 18th of March: The Sturton Street Crawl

N.B.: Not Friday 9th of March, nor at 7:30, as originally advertised.

Meeting at the Dobblers at 7:00pm.

7 pubs visited.

Attendees: Harley, James and Ed.


Friday 2nd of March: The Anglia Ruskin Crawl

Meeting at the Elm Tree at 7:30pm.

7 8 pubs visited.

Attendees: Harley, Patrick (SiBo) and Ed.


The Salisbury Arms was apparently appended to this crawl after the qwxcl the previous time around.

Monday 12th of February: The Mill Road Crawl

Meeting at the Brook at 7:30pm.

8 7 pubs visited.

Attendees: Harley and Ed. Despite this streamlining, they were too late to get to the Salisbury.


Sunday 28th of January: The Castle Hill Crawl

Meeting at the Traveller's Rest at 7:00pm, or the Grapes at 7:45pm.

8 pubs visited.

Attendees: Harley, James, Ed; from the Grapes, also Charlotte and Sophie.


Wednesday 20th of December: The Hot Green Beany

Meeting at the Mitre at 7:30pm. Note that this is not officially part of the crawl tour.

This "crawl" traditionally takes in trivia machines in order to win money for the end-of-crawl curry (or at least, a poppadom). There is some difficulty finding trivia machines these days; the Mitre is likely, other nearby hostelries are open to investigation.

We will finish the crawl in the Curry King, traditionally (in theory) with a chicken jalfrezi, after which the crawl is named (by, I believe, James "Droogs" Hopgood, "what are these hot green beany things?")

Friday 17th of November: The Laundress Crawl

Meeting at the Red Bull at 7:30pm.

8 pubs visited.

Attendees: Ed, Gabby, Charlotte, Sophie, Harley, James (from the Granta), Nick "off of Gabby" (from the Eagle).


Saturday 4th of November: The Arbury Crawl

Meeting at the Fort St George from 6:30pm.

6 pubs plus fireworks visited.

Attendees: Ed, Harley, James, "New Ed", Jonny, Dannish, Andrew, Steph, Katie (first two pubs), surprisingly no rain despite the weather report.


Tuesday 24th of October: The King Street Crawl

Meeting in the Burleigh Arms at 7:30pm.

7 pubs visited.

Attendees: Ed, Harley, James, "Joe, no not that one, a fresher".


Friday 13th* of October: The Freshers' Crawl

*What could go wrong?

Meeting in the Regal at 7:30pm. Bear in mind you might need proof of age.

7 (yes, we're not breaking the novices in gently) pubs visited.

Attendees: Ed, Harley, Gabby, Andrew.