Tiddlywinks songbook

CUTwC has been known to raise its singing voice. Often this happens at the end of a pub crawl, with results that we don't necessarily want to repeat here. However, there are some official songs about tiddlywinks.

The CUTwC Anthem

by Nick Inglis, et al
Sung to the tune of Tannenbaum

The 'winks club's mats are soaked in port,
And so are all who play the sport.
Tomato juice and such-like drinks,
Aren't good enough for tiddlywinks.
And when our team's just won the cup,
It takes us weeks to sober up.
As long as they serve real ale here,
We'll keep the winks club drinking beer.

There has been a tradition of the Secretary writing new verses to this anthem on return from a 'Varsity Match. Some of the results aren't entirely for public consumption, and generally speaking people mix up the lines between verses anyway; however, visitors to the club may be warned that many more verses exist.

The Tiddlywinks Anthem

by Rev. E. A. Willis
Sung to the tune of Men of Harlech

Other nations are before us
With their Sputniks and Explorers
What can confidence restore us?
Naught but tiddlywinks.
On the fields of Eton,
Former foes were beaten.
But today all patriots play
This sport which needs such grit and concentration.
Through this game of skill and power
England knows her finest hour,
And her stronghold, shield and tower
Must be tiddlywinks.

The OUTS Anthem

Sung to the tune of Jerusalem

And were those winks in ancient time,
yellow and red and blue and green?
And was the boondock known before?
Or like the Bristol never seen?
I do not know, I do not care,
about the history of our game,
'Cause when it comes to winks, here and now,
the OUTS put other clubs to shame.


Bring me my squidger made of gold.
Bring me (my) winks from near and far.
Bring me my cup that I may hold
a pint of bitter from the bar.
I shall not cease from endless squops,
nor miss a pot, however long,
'Cause I am from the O.U.T.S.,
renowned in poem, tale and song.