Social (non-tiddlywinks) CUTwC activity

CUTwC is a social society. However much we may attempt to play tiddlywinks well, nobody could take tiddlywinks too seriously (many consider this to be a great benefit of the Club over, for example, rowing; other advantages tend to occur in early mornings in January). Therefore the social aspects of the club are as important to most members as the Noble Sport itself.

This section describes the social side of the club, including how we occupy ourselves in a pub or bar after an evening's winking. Please be advised that, although somewhat censored for public consumption, this section is appropriate to the activities of club members of undergraduate age and later. There may be mild sexual references or bad language in these sections; please restrict yourself to other sections of the site if you are likely to take offence.

Not fitting into obvious categories are the following:

Like Wordle, but less good, and using numbers per nurdle-boondock-Penhaligon.
The winks purity test
A test of your, er, experience at winks.
Andrew's CUTwC quiz of 6th May 2020
N.B. This is mildly NSFW
Answers (mildly more NSFW) are available.
Prezzy B's Bingo
Prezzy B's anagrams
Winks word list
For use in games where a custom list of terms might be useful.