Cambridge University Tiddlywinks Club

has been introducing Cambridge students to the noble, complex and, to quote the founder, “unexpectedly fun” game of tiddlywinks since 1955.


Aug 17 Zoomeeting Zoom 7:30pm
Aug 20 Fours Ely 10:30am
Sep 4 London Open The Magdala 10:30am
Oct 29 Pairs Downing 10:30am


Jun 18Muscovy DuckWon by Alexei Newton
Jun 15RelleWon by Patrick Barrie
Jun 15CuppersWon by The Sleepy Team
Jun 6PresidencyWon by Bertie Politi

During the Long Vac, CUTwC will be meeting via Zoom at 7:30pm on Wednesdays.

During term time, CUTwC normally meets from 7:30pm on Wednesdays;
additional Zoom meetings often happen virtually via Zoom, usually on Tuesdays.

A browser-based timer is available for winks use.

Bored trend-following winkers may enjoy Nurdle.