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Despite his best efforts, the web site maintainer cannot provide for all of your tiddlywinks-related requirements; occasionally we must outsource to the rest of the internet.

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Other tiddlywinks organisations

ETwA The English Tiddlywinks Association (the national body responsible for CUTwC)
NATwA The North American Tiddlywinks Association (the American counterpart to ETwA)
IFTwA The International Federation of Tiddlywinks Associations (responsible for overseeing ETwA and NATwA)
OUTS Oxford University Tiddlywinks Society (CUTwC's traditional foe in the Varsity match); see also their web site

Some photos of tiddlywinks are available on PotShots.org.

CUTwC in the media

The site maintainer has been meaning to do something with this page for a very long time, so apologies for the lack of historical content and to all those who have supported previous CUTwC appearances in the media.

Please keep the web site maintainer informed of any future appearances!

Vernon Kay’s radio 2 show played an archive clip of Southampton University playing MIT in 1972 (starting at 45 minutes).
There is a Varsity match compilation on YouTube.
There is now a CUTwC TikTok channel.
The BBC's "from the archive" has coverage of the Goons Match from 1958.
We have a Valentine's Day video!
The Somerset Invitation features in the Mendip Times issue for February 2023 (page 75).
See ETwA's Christmas advert (2022) on YouTube!
A video of World Pairs 46 has been posted by SNTV.
An introductory video has been posted by Ex-Prezzy B.
The Tab has an article on Cambridge Societies post-COVID, including CUTwC.
Stuff New Zealand has a follow up on a woman who had a wink stuck up her nose for 37 years. If you're going to do this, probably use a small wink, ideally one of the under-sized greens in ETwA's possession...
The E-Peterhouse Pot final for Easter Term 2021 has been published.
The E-Peterhouse Pot final for Lent 2021 is now available.
The E-Peterhouse Pot final for Michaelmas 2020 is now available.
The CUTwC YouTube channel now exists.
A footballists's match coverage gave CUTwC a shout-out.
Varsity covered the Varsity Match (appropriately).
There is a CUTwC Video!


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