The President shared a game of Bingo on May 5th 2020!

Have a preferred colour which you always play better as [sic] Been to more pub crawls in a term than weekly meetings Replied-to-all on a weekly email to make a pedantic correction Bragged about your top 100 world ranking Potted out in round 5
Accidentally potted when it was not the optimum move Ranted about the lesser quality of York mats Penhalligoned [sic] during your first meeting Corrected "world ranking" to "world rating" Broken down in one of TCO's cars
Incorrectly corrected 'less' to 'fewer' Procrastinated by reading the entire constitution Lost to Patrick Tried to convince an Oxford friend to form a Varsity team Attended a winks tournament that wasn't in Cambridge
Ranted about the urgent need for anti-scrunge pots Not made it back to a NHIPper after lunch Won by being partnered with Patrick Ran unopposed for a committee position Victimised James at a Relle
Don't remember the latter half of any club dinner Beat someone much more experienced than you in your first term and crushed their soul Proposed an unsuccessful amendment tot he constitution at an AGM Unironically used more than one squidger in a match Pretended to be on the committee just to book a room for weekly meetings