Tiddlywinks shots (GIFs)

These are GIFs of some recent shots, by popular request.

Please note that these GIFs are inherently quite large files (see mouseover text for how big), because GIF was only vaguely an acceptable animation format in 1989, and it's hopelessly inefficient by modern standards — all of these are lower quality and mostly larger than the original videos, but it remains a weirdly popular way of sharing video snippets.. Please take copies of these files rather than linking them to something popular which might hurt my poor little web server if ten thousand people an hour start accessing them. (See the copyright information in the T's & C's.)

If you'd like to see what passed for an animated GIF in the 1990s (and were a viable size for a 1990s network connection), see also these resurrected animations from an old version of the web site. You may also be interested in the GIFs from the description of Squop Bristol, which are of a similar vintage.