Royal and Ancient

Royal and Ancient (named for the golf club) is a combined game used to avoid deciding on a single card game, although often as the evening's drinking wears on the players are "past the cusp" and disproportionately select Buckets (as an aggressive and non-intellection option).

Royal and Ancient involves dealing four cards to everybody. After seeing their cards, there is a vote for whether tøppen, Yogi's whist or BoS is played with that hand: thumbs up for yo(gi's), thumbs down for (buckets of) shite, across for tøppen. Fines are doubled if you lose a game you voted for. If the dealing was incorrect for the game voted in, the dealer drinks a fine. Any jokers should be exchanged for real cards before play starts if the elected game is tøppen or BoS. "Ancient and modern" adds Glengariff as an option, chosen by pointing thumbs outwards.