(Pass the) Pigs

CUTwC often plays Pass The Pigs, apparently in the belief that it's a game of skill. It is a popular game at lunchtimes, allowing players to eat, talk, or focus on their fines while the game continues, and allows players to come and go.

The association with lunch may or may not be related to the phrase "pigs or death - bring on the bacon" when deciding what to play.

In this game, each player in turn rolls small plastic pigs to set a target score, which must be beaten by the next player. Scoring is as normal in pigs: 1 for a "sider" (both pigs on the same side), 5 for a "backer" or "trotter" (one pig on its back or feet), ten for a "snouter" (pig on its nose), 15 for a "leaning jowler" (pig leaning on its nose and ear). Other than a single sider, scores are cumulative for the two pigs, and two identical pigs quadruples the score of a single one (so a double leaning jowler scores 60 and a trotter-backer-backer-trotter-combo scores ten).

A pig which does not fall into position correctly (usually a "backsider" half way between back and side) is called a mutant, and must be re-thrown. The player must otherwise throw both pigs at once. If a pig falls on the floor (pig abuse) or the pigs support each other (making bacon) the player's total returns to zero. If the pigs land one on each side (one with a spot, one without), the player has "pigged out" and his turn ends.

A player can pass at any point where his score strictly exceeds his predecessor's. A player attempting to score more than this and failing through pigging out, pig abuse or making bacon will drink a number of pencils equal to the number of throws in his turn. A player who does not reach the target drinks by the shortfall formula: for a score difference of greater than 69, the fine is the log base 2 of the difference in fingers, rounded up. Otherwise, the fine is the difference rounded up to the next multiple of five, divided by five, plus one, divided by two - in fingers. Note that a delta of 69 is "69 is seventy is fourteen is fifteen is seven and a half" - more than a delta of 70 (seven fingers).

A player who is not successfully passed a target by a previous player has a target of five (which must be beaten, so the minimum successful score for a "pig master" is six). A score of zero is traditionally "pathos".

When the score passes a multiple of fifty, there is a (pencil's) team fine. A new high score (that must be passed) of greater than fifty is traditionally welcomed by a team sip.

There is often a random "reversage" indicator which reverses the direction of passing.

A variant called "misère pigs" requires that the player not pass until he pigs out. Making bacon or pig abuse doubles the score at the time of that throw. A player drinks for the amount in excess of the previous player, if any, that he scores, in the reverse of normal pigs.

There is an online implementation of pass the pigs optimised for CUTwC, including counting fines and dealing with the pigs going cold (and also overheating), intended to provide some entertainment during COVID-19 lock down, although it mostly kills conversation.