No More Sandals

No More Sandals is a simple category game, usefully played where no equipment is available but it is possible to hear each other.

A player starts by saying “to my left” or “to my right”, naming an arbitrary real or fictional person, then following this with “no more category”, where category contains the named person. The next player must name someone not previously mentioned, and not in any previously excluded category.

An example would be “Marie Curie; no more women” — giving the more common version of the game. “No more sandal”" comes from the instigation of a long rant by “Jesus — no more sandals”, which caused an epistemological debate about whether the Son of God was personified as an item of footwear.

Dubious categories may be challenged (at risk) by asking for another member of that category to be mentioned. For example, “Marie Curie, no more double Nobel prize winners” could be followed by “name another”, and “Linus Pauling”, causing the challenger to drink a fine.