Killer Whist

Killer whist is another tedious whist variant, without the bidding of Yogi's. The trump suit in the first round is random, after which the winner of the previous round gets to choose trumps (with ties decide by cut-off). Deal rotates each round, and the first hand of each round is won by the player to the left of the dealer. The winner of each hand (the player with the highest trump suit card, or failing that the card with the highest rank of the suit that was led) takes the trick, and leads the next hand.

After each round, players who have won no tricks are eliminated. In the first round, seven cards are dealt to each player; for each subsequent round, the number of cards dealt is reduced by one. The fine is one finger for each card dealt to the players in the round in which they went out.

Mass murder whist is similar, except that players are not excluded from the next round when they lose.