The Nick Ashley Trophy, Easter Term 2024

In other terms, we have played a Cuppers (inter-colleagiate team) tournament. Previous Nick Ashley tournaments were held in Michaelmas 2020 and Easter 2021. The end point of the 2024 tournament is to be announced.

This competition is open to anyone who is a current member of Cambridge University Tiddlywinks Club — please contact the tournament organiser or a member of the Committee if you wish to join.

Tournament Organiser: Patrick Barrie.


Note: Nobody in the previous tournament is still active, so we may as well start from scratch, with positions decreed by Patrick. Win:loss record shown in superscript.

  1. Jack Murphy4:1
    No outstanding challenges
  2. Agnes Jardin2:1
    No outstanding challenges
  3. Aless Catana2:2
    No outstanding challenges
  4. Nat Riches1:2
    Challenged by Tara Doherty (May 23rd)
  5. Emmy Charalambous0:1
    No outstanding challenges
  6. Francis Kelly0:2
    No outstanding challenges
  7. Tara Doherty1:0
    Challenged Nat Riches (May 23rd)
  8. Bertie Politi1:0
    No outstanding challenges
  9. Sam Dernie0:0
    No outstanding challenges
  10. Ameena Miah0:2
    No outstanding challenges
  11. Chloe Coles-Smith1:0
    No outstanding challenges
  12. Iona Gallagher0:1
    No outstanding challenges
  13. Chili Qin0:0
    No outstanding challenges

Please note: Challenges listed above are informative; the Tournament Organiser is the authoritative maintainer of the challenge list.

If you do not know the email address for someone you wish to challenge, please check with the Tournament Organiser.

Match results

Aless Catana7-7Francis Kelly19/5
Agnes Jardin9-5Nat Riches18/5
Tara Doherty9-5Ameena Miah17/5
Jack Murphy11½-Aless Catana16/5
Nat Riches11-3Emmy Charalambous14/5
Jack Murphy10-4Agnes Jardin11/5
Agnes Jardin-Aless Catana11/5
Jack Murphy14-0Nat Riches7/5
Bertie Politi-Ameena Miah7/5
Aless Catana10-4Jack Murphy7/5
Chloe Coles-Smith9-5Iona Gallagher4/5
Jack Murphy8-6Francis Kelly4/5
New entry
Challenger won
Challenger lost
Walkover (conceded)


  1. A ladder will be set up of players who wish to compete at the start of term. Late entrants to the ladder enter at the bottom. The current ladder will be displayed on the CUTwC website.
  2. Players can challenge anyone up to 3 players above them on the ladder, provided that (a) this is not the last person they played a match against, and (b) this is not the last person that they challenged. The organiser should be e-mailed details of the challenge.
  3. The higher player is only allowed to refuse a challenge if they already have a ladder challenge to play (also see point 8).
  4. Match results are decided by points gained from 2 games, though players are free to agree alternative numbers of games for the match (e.g. just a single game, or a marathon 5 game match). In the event of a tie, decide the result by a pot-out competition. The organiser should be e-mailed details of the match result.
  5. If the higher player wins the match, there is no change in ladder position.
  6. If the lower player wins the match, they take the ladder position of the higher player, and the higher player drops one place in the ladder.
  7. Matches must be played outside Wednesday meetings within 7 days of the challenge being made. If not played within 7 days, the organiser will either demote both players one place in the ladder, or demote the player deemed most responsible for the delay one place in the ladder.
  8. Players may optionally accept a second challenge and play it before the first challenge should this be convenient. The prior challenge should still be played (even if a change in ladder position has occurred that would normally make it invalid).
  9. Whoever is top of the ladder at a particular time should proudly display the trophy in their room.

Players may ask to borrow equipment from the Club if necessary — contact Bertie Politi if this is the case — but must promise to return equipment at the following CUTwC meeting. Matches do not need to be played on full-size tables — but can take place in student rooms, College bars, wherever convenient. Players should sportingly decide umpiring decisions themselves, or toss a coin to adjudicate if it really is too close to decide. Players should note that 2 games of singles can be played in 1 hour.

Easter Term 2024: Patrick Barrie has declared himself organiser of the Ladder competition. Please see Patrick’s email to the CUTwC list if you need to know email aliases, and if in doubt, ask Patrick.