The grand winks cuppers tournament 2020

The 2020 Cuppers tournament was interrupted by COVID-19 before a final could be played.

See also the 2018 Cuppers tournament — the 2019 tournament, while theoretically happening, seems to have been hypothetical.

Cambridge University Tiddlywinks Club Cuppers 2020 is a tiddlywinks tournament for teams of four, consisting of a group stage from which the top four teams will be placed into a knockout stage for the title. This competition is open to anyone who is a current undergraduate or postgraduate at either the University of Cambridge or Anglia Ruskin University.



COVID-19 (late entrant, drink a fine) was the winner.

Group stage

WiddlyTwinks has defaulted, which means that the tournament format had to change to an all-play-all. There will still be a final double-length play-off match between first and second, and third and fourth places, held either in week 5 or in the Easter term.

Peterhouse has disappeared without trace and are assumed defunct.

2Westcott House27¼

*"The ones who aren't on any of the other teams", formerly known as "Novices"

Week 1 (deadline 5/2)Played
TOWAOAOTOTWestcott House
Izzy & Alexei5-2Megan & Nathaniel5/2
Toby P & Alex(2-5)
Izzy & Alexei(2½-4½)
Toby P & Alex1-6Megan & Nathaniel5/2
Total 15¼-12¾ Total
Week 2 (deadline 12/2)Played
Peterhouse cancelled at the last minute.
Week 3 (deadline 19/2)Played
Edward B & Patrick6-1Izzy & Alexei12/2
Molly & Louis4-3Toby P & Alex19/2
Edward B & Patrick6-1Toby P & Alex19/2
Molly & Louis6*-1*Izzy & Alexei12/2
Total 22-6 Total
PeterhouseWestcott House
Peterhouse assumed to be defunct.
Week 4 (deadline 26/2)Played
MagdeleneWestcott House
Edward B & Patrick5-2Ed Green & Megan12/2
Marc & Nathaniel19/2
Edward B & Patrick6-1Marc & Nathaniel19/2
Molly & Louis1*-6*Ed Green & Megan12/2
Total 13½-14½ Total
Peterhouse assumed to be defunct.
Week 5 (deadline 4/3)Played
Rearranged matches by mutual agreement, if the tournament organiser is notified before deadlines.

Group stage draws:

Match week 1 Match week 2 Match week 3 Match week 4 Match week 5
Deadline 5/2 12/2 19/2 26/2 4/3
Opponent revealed 4/2 6/2 13/2 20/2 27/2
Peterhouse No match
Westcott House Novices No match
Novices Westcott House No match
WiddlyTwinks Magdelene No match
Magdelene WiddlyTwinks No match

Team sign-up:

There is a sign-up fee of £5 per team. This fee covers tournament entry and provides all members of the team with a nominal membership to CUTwC for the entirety of Lent term (this allows members to turn up to CUTwC sessions throughout the term including cuppers but does not entitle these member to vote on any club issues unless they are also full members of CUTwC).

In order to form a team, all members of the team must be part of some common group, traditionally Cambridge colleges or departments. This group can be linked by something other than college/department, however it must be a reasonable link and what is considered reasonable is at the discretion of the tournament organiser. Collaborations are permitted (e.g. St John's and Trinity College could form an unlikely partnership) but this must be acknowledged in the team's name.

In order to enter a team the team captain must email the tournament organiser (Edward Brown) with your team name; team captain's name, college/department, and contact details; and the name and college/department of at least one other member of the team (but preferably all three other members). This must be done by the entry deadline, which is 10:00pm Friday 31st January Monday 3rd February 2020.

You cannot change team members midway through the tournament (unless permission is given by the tournament organiser), and the tournament organiser must be informed of the name and college/department or all team members prior to their first involvement in a cuppers match.

By entering the tournament, you acknowledge that you will have to pay the £5 entry fee for your team. This can be paid by either:

The rules regarding the game and the tournament:

The games themselves will be played using the standard ETwA rule set. A link to the simplified version of the rules (covering most aspects of play and being vaguely understandable for beginners!) as well as a link to the full rules are included below.

The rules and format of the tournament are to be as follows:


Each team member will be provided with a free squidger for participation, and mats and winks will be provided at Wednesday CUTwC meetings - if you need to rearrange matches then it is your responsibility to ensure that you a have a mat and a set of winks to use (these can be bought from the club or borrowed from other players).

Any rule disputes should be brought to the attention of the tournament organiser immediately. The tournament organiser's decision regarding any rule dispute is final.

The tournament organiser reserves the right to alter or add rules to the tournament in order to prevent rule abuse.

For further information please either email the tournament organiser or see the CUTwC website (