CUTwC and tiddlywinks news

Latest notices

In lieu of an ETwA tournament this term, there will be a virtual GETwAgether via Zoom from 7pm on Saturday 8th of May.

The winker formerly known as Prezzy B is attempting to consolidate a set of winks shot videos to put on YouTube; please email her contributions. (The site maintainer's efforts have been added to the updated shots page.)

Tiddlywinks is normally a game played with a group of people sociably standing around small tables in a nice warm room; this aspect of CUTwC meetings has obviously been rendered impractical by COVID-19 safety concerns. As such, for the last few months, CUTwC members have been "meeting" on Zoom.

The existence of in-person CUTwC meetings in the Easter Term 2021 is still TBD, based on government and university guidance, although at least some students will be in Cambridge. We are tentatively expecting meetings to continue virtually via Zoom, with a Nick Ashley tournament held as people can arrange games.

The ETwA National Singles (and ETwA Congress) has been postponed until the COVID-19 situation is resolved and it is considered safe for the community to play.
Watch this space and, and please stay safe.

Latest results

The Late Charles Relle Trophy was won by Sophie Brawn, who only cheated a little.

The Varsity Match (2020) was won by CUTwC 82½-29½ — ratings have been updated.

The Cambridge Open (2020) was won by Patrick Barrie.

Nick Ashley

It is expected that there will be a new Nick Ashley tournament for Easter Term 2021, assuming that government and university regulations allow it to be played; details will be confirmed soon.

Zach Bond played a Peterhouse Pot friendly against Edward Brown, but this was deemed not part of the tournament due to meteorological interference.

Given additional restrictions on play, Edward Brown was declared as "probably the winner" for Michaelmas 2020.

Zach Bond beat Sophie Brawn 5-2.

Edward Brown beat Ed Green 6-1.

Calendar (Easter term 2021)

Details TBD, but assume meetings on Wednesdays (via Zoom)