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CUTwC and tiddlywinks news

Latest notices

Please advise the President if Tuesdays are not your optimal day for continuing online meetings.

Site news
The site has a first pass at a new look and feel; feedback welcome.
If belongs to a winker, please get in touch (I've attempted to reach out, since it doesn't seem to be in use).

It's now out of term time, so other than Zoom, even if we were meeting, we wouldn't be meeting (in person).
The University is closed due to the COVID-19 epidemic - physical CUTwC meetings are on hold until further notice.
(Please note that the web site maintainer is not resident in Cambridge, so this information may be out of date.)
The ETwA National Singles (and ETwA Congress) has been postponed until everything is resolved and it is considered safe for the community to play.
Watch this space and, and please stay safe.

Latest results

The (virtual) Charles Relle Trophy was won by team 3.
The Varsity Match was won by CUTwC 82½-29½ — ratings have been updated.
The Half Life was won by Edward Brown.
Tim Hunt won the Jubilee 23-12.
The Cambridge Open was won by Patrick Barrie.


All Cuppers qualifying round games have now been played, but COVID-19 obviously scuppered the plans for the final.

Calendar (Long Vac 2020)

We're now out of term, so you're on your own.
Except when CUTwC is holding virtual meetings, in which case you're virtually not.
Full Michaelmas Term starts again on Tuesday October 6th.