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Latest notices

There will be a Pub Crawl on Friday 20th of May, starting at 7:30pm in The Rock.

There will be a Zoom meeting from 7:30pm on Tuesday 24th of May; see the mailing list for details.

The Bombardier Joogs will be held in Fisher Foyer from 7:30pm on Wednesday 25th of May.

Please also notify the President if there is a desire to re-run any pub crawls.

There will be Cuppers final held in the Easter term; see below for details.

Latest results

World Pairs 47 was won by Larry Kahn & Jon Mapley over Patrick Barrie & Harley Jones, 28½-20½ (Apr 25).

The ETwA National Singles was won by Matthew Rose (Apr 24th); the Plate was won by Katherine Drew. Ratings have been updated.

The ETwA National Novice Singles was won by Sam Clayton (Apr 23rd).

World Pairs 46 was won by Patrick Barrie & Harley Jones over Larry Kahn & David Lockwood, 25-24 (Apr 22nd).

Tim Hunt retained the Jubilee Trophy against Edward Brown, 18-9 (Apr 22nd).

World Singles 72 was won by Patrick Barrie over Patrick Driscoll, 30-12 (Apr 9th).

The Charles Relle Trophy was won by Edward Brown (or traditionally by Stew) (Mar 16th).

The Varsity Match (2020) was won by CUTwC 82½-29½ (Feb 29th 2020).


Latest results:

More information is available on the Cuppers page.

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