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Latest notices

There will be a Zoom meeting from 7:30pm on Tuesday 6th of June; see the mailing list for details.

The Manchester & Somerset Society Trophy will be held from 7:30pm on June 7th in the Sidgwick Hall of Newnham College. Please arrive promptly.

The SEPTIC Garden Party will be held from 12:30pm on Sunday 18th of June at the Barrie residence; see the mailing list if you don't know where that is.

Latest results

The Paul Thorpe was won by Patrick Barrie & Bertie Politi, 6-1 over Zach Bond & Emmy Charalambous (May 31st).

Cuppers (2023) was won by Carnovsky Cats, and default (May 31st).

The AGM happened (May 24th), and we have (some of) a new Committee and the obligatory amendments to the Constitution. Please see the results page for the awards.

The Varsity Match (2023) was won by Cambridge 75½-36½ (May 20th). Rantings have been updated and photos have been uploaded.

The Paul Thorpe was not held in order to allow for extra practice time for the Varsity Match (May 17th).

The Peterhouse Pot was won by Patrick Barrie (May 10th).

The Bombardier Slap-'Em Together Joogs was won by Maja Seremak and Patrick Barrie (May 3rd).

The ETwA National Singles was won by Patrick Barrie (Apr 23rd); ratings have been updated.

The Singles Plate was won by Katherine Drew (Apr 23rd).

The Geoff Thorpe (ETwA Novices' Singles) was won by Sam Clayton (Apr 22nd).


The Cuppers final will be held on the evening of May 31st

Finalist are Carnovsky Cats and QWXCL.

Latest qualifying games

March 8th 2023
Chili's Red Hot Peppers 5→11 - 9→17 Carnovsky Cats
QWXCL 7½→19 - 6½→9 Carnovsky Cats
March 1st 2023
Chili's Red Hot Peppers 6 - 8 Carnovsky Cats
QWXCL 11½ - 2½ Carnovsky Cats
February 22nd 2023
Carnovsky Cats 22 - 6 You Wink Some, You lose some
QWXCL 5 - 2 Chili's Red Hot Peppers
February 15th 2023
You Wink Some, You lose some 10½ - 10½ Chili's Red Hot Peppers
NSFW 12½ - 15½ Carnovsky Cats

Calendar (Easter Term 2023)

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