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Latest notices

The President now has Club (poly) ties and (silk) bowties in his possession; if you requested one last term, please collect one off him once you have proof you’ve paid £15 or £30 respectively to CUTwC’s account.

There will be a Zoom meeting from 7:30pm on Thursday 30th of November; please ask someone if you’d like to join, or use the address posted to the mailing list.

The NATwA Pairs will be held on Saturday December 2nd in Washington, DC.

The Cambridge Open will be held on the weekend of January 20th–21st 2024. The Saturday is the likely date of the Club Dinner.

Latest results

The ETwA National Handicapped Individual Pairs (NHIPper) was won by Alexei Newton (November 18th).

The Bombardier Joogs was won by Won by Patrick Barrie & Lucy Thorne (November 15th).

The Peterhouse Pot was won by Patrick Barrie (November 8th).

The Paul Thorpe (University Pairs) was won by Patrick and Tia (November 1st).

The ETwA National Pairs was won by Patrick Driscoll and Andy Purvis; the non-qualifiers’ plate competition was won by Molly Birch and Katherine Drew (October 28-29th).

IFTwA World Pairs 48 was Jon Mapley and Matthew Rose (substituting for Larry Kahn), defeating Patrick Driscoll and Andy Purvis 25-24 (October 27th).

The Nick Leaton (Novices’ Trophy) was won by Alex Yu and Phoebe (October 25th).

The NATwA Pairs was won by Dave Lockwood & Jon Lockwood (October 14th).

The Varsity Match (2023) was won by Cambridge 75½-36½ (May 20th). Rantings have been updated and photos have been uploaded.


Cuppers 2023 was won by Carnovsky Cats, although only because QWXCL QWXCLled.

CC won 18½-9½ by losing 9-19. Probably.

Latest qualifying games

March 8th 2023
Chili’s Red Hot Peppers 5→11 - 9→17 Carnovsky Cats
QWXCL 7½→19 - 6½→9 Carnovsky Cats
March 1st 2023
Chili’s Red Hot Peppers 6 - 8 Carnovsky Cats
QWXCL 11½ - 2½ Carnovsky Cats
February 22nd 2023
Carnovsky Cats 22 - 6 You Wink Some, You lose some
QWXCL 5 - 2 Chili’s Red Hot Peppers
February 15th 2023
You Wink Some, You lose some 10½ - 10½ Chili’s Red Hot Peppers
NSFW 12½ - 15½ Carnovsky Cats

Calendar (Michaelmas Term 2023)

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