CUTwC and tiddlywinks news

Latest notices

There will be a meeting via Zoom on Wednesday 27th of January from 7:30pm.

There will be a virtual Club Dinner via Zoom on Saturday 30th of January, starting at 7:30pm for 8pm.
See the CUTwC and ETwA mailing lists for Zoom link and password.

  • Devise your own virtual dinner ticket at a cost of zero guineas.
  • Supply you own wines, port and other drinks as appropriate.
  • Bring an interesting cheese, an After Eight mint, and a joke.
  • (Formal) dress is optional.
Reception. Drink bubbly or be bubbly.
Anthem in place of grace. Even though we know singing does not work well.
Breakout to tables for "starter".
Table rotation for "fish".
Table rotation for "meat".
Table rotation for "dessert".
Backwards perambulation.
Mint off

The winker formerly known as Prezzy B is attempting to consolidate a set of winks shot videos to put on YouTube; please email her contributions. (The site maintainer's efforts have been added to the updated shots page.)

Tiddlywinks is normally a game played with a group of people sociably standing around small tables in a nice warm room; this aspect of CUTwC meetings has obviously been rendered impractical by COVID-19 safety concerns. As such, for the last few months, CUTwC members have been "meeting" on Zoom.

Given the announcements of January 4th, this seems likely to continue for the foreseeable future; the University has moved to on-line education as much as possible for Lent Term, so most members are not currently in Cambridge.

Site news
Yet more polish
Shortened navigation to work on an iPod Touch(!) If titles seem to have odd names (Constitution → Charter, Committee → Board, The Game → Sport, Drinking Games → Games, etc.) this is why. Also now scrolling the whole page wherever possibe, mostly to get rid of the enormous address bar.
Turned off attempts at swoosh on webkit (unsupported).
Fixed hrefs to work around sticky headers.
Fixed various typos and HTML breakages throughout the site.
Various mobile navigation changes
Collapsible fixed headers, etc.
Added dark mode
Based on your browser settings, don't blame me.
Delayed the splash image, looked at the swoosh
The loading of the splash images (which had a typo affecting the load quality) on the home page was (slightly) impacting the PageSpeed Insights rating. The first image now starts to fade in after the page has fully loaded, which helps a little, gets us to 100%, and might actually be relevant to someone with a really slow connection.
The title bar swoosh on the home page bugged me, because it eventually gets out of sync. I looked at activating the animation from JavaScript, but because of the way it's implemented, this turns out not to be an option (you can't access the SVG DOM of a background image and you can't use JavaScript inside an SVG being used as a background image). I may eventually have to replace the title with a (responsive) image, but since it is a title I'll feel bad about it.
Added custom link buttons (            ) and improved navigation
We apparently look a bit dated...
Added a custom 404 page
There is now a custom page with some navigation and a silly animation for broken links.
Usability fixes
Tried to make Google happier: CSS is now inlined, there are resolution-aware versions of images and some background loading, etc. It's still only 95-98% happy (even with images cached for an hour), but short of losing image quality, resorting to image format compatibility risks or just getting rid of the images, there's not much more to be done. Also made things a bit nicer in Lynx and added breadcrumbs to the top couple of levels of the site.
Canonical redirect
All the site name variants now redirect to (https://)

The ETwA National Singles (and ETwA Congress) has been postponed until the COVID-19 situation is resolved and it is considered safe for the community to play.
Watch this space and, and please stay safe.

Latest results

The "You I Have News ForGot" Charles Relle Trophy was won by Zach Bond according to the scores sent to the web site maintainer, Sophie Brawn according to the announcement at the end of the meeting, and Stew according to tradition.

The AGM happened, and Marc Mills is the new President; see the Committee, Constitution and results pages for details.

The Varsity Match was won by CUTwC 82½-29½ — ratings have been updated.

The Cambridge Open was won by Patrick Barrie.

Nick Ashley

Zach Bond played a Peterhouse Pot friendly against Edward Brown, but this was deemed not part of the tournament due to meteorological interference.

Given additional restrictions on play, Edward Brown was declared as "probably the winner".

Zach Bond beat Sophie Brawn 5-2.

Edward Brown beat Ed Green 6-1.

Calendar (Lent 2021)

Details TBD, but assume meetings on Wednesdays (via Zoom)