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There will be a Zoom meeting from 7:30pm on Tuesday 13th of December; see the mailing list for details.

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The Manchester & Somerset Society Trophy (University Singles) was won by Sam Clayton (Nov 23rd).

The Bombardier Slap-'Em Together Joogs was won by Amey, Patrick Barrie, Edward Brown and Eleanor (Nov 16th).

The Peterhouse Pot was won by Patrick Barrie (Nov 2nd).

The ETwA National Pairs was won by Andy Purvis (mostly) & Patrick Driscoll (Oct 29th-30th). Rantings have been updated.

The Golden Squidger (ETwA Pairs challenge) was won by Patrick Driscoll & Harley Jones, 18½-16½ (Oct 28th).

The Varsity Match (2020) was won by CUTwC 82½-29½ (Feb 29th 2020).


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More information is available on the Cuppers page.

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