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Latest Announcements:

There will likely be a national one-day tournament in Ely on Saturday 8th of April.
The final of Cuppers will be held at the start of the Easter Term.

Latest Results:

The Charles Relle Trophy was won by Harley Jones, Ed Green and Zach Bond due to the spoon being inverted.
The finalists of Cuppers are C.U.G&S Society and The Excelleg Esteemed Association Croquet Society of the King's College of Our Lady and Saint Nicholas in Cambridge Elite Tiddlywinks Squadron First Team [sic] (final match to be played at the start of Easter Term).
The Half Life was won by James Ireland.
The Cambridge Open was won by Patrick Barrie, or the beer, depending on your perspective.

CUTwC usually meets at 7:30pm on Wednesdays in The Tower Room, Selwyn College.

(CUTwC meets in other places and times for pub crawls and national tournaments).

All members of the University and other educational establishments in Cambridge are welcome to attend.

Contact CUTwC.

Latest update:2017-03-17 Cuppers and Relle results.