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Latest Announcements:

The meeting of Wednesday 23rd will be the Peterhouse Pot, in the Kathleen Lyttelton Room.
His Holiness has indicated that he is Cuppers Czar, and will be accepting entries by Cuppers teams' members; I presume this is still the case.

Latest Results:

The Cambridge Open was won by Alan Dean.
The 60th reunion of the Royal Match friendly tournament was won by Patrick Driscoll.
Patrick (mostly) has made the news for this.
The Charles Relle Trophy was won by Sean from Churchill by coming up with the name "Colourmagic" and thereby coming second (with some dispute about whether second should have gone to Zach for "Yooloo(seJames)"). Ethan, a new player, apparently came first, which is of course not the same as winning for traditional reasons. This sounds unusually coherent for a Relle.
The Somerset Invitation was won by Tim Hunt.

CUTwC usually meets at 7:30pm on Wednesdays.
This term, most meeting (except that of October 3rd) will be held in The Kathleen Lyttelton Room (formerly the Tower Room), Selwyn College.
All members of the University and other educational establishments in Cambridge are welcome to attend.

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Latest update:2019-01-21 CO results.