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Latest Announcements:

The Varsity team has been announced.
WiddlyTwinks have messed up Cuppers by disappearing without trace (this isn't the Cambridge Open...) so the tournament format has changed.
Peterhouse have messed up Cuppers (but less so) by not turning up when a match was due - we hope this match will still be played.
The Varsity Match between Cambridge and Oxford will be held on February 29th.
The Half Life will be held in the Castle Inn from 2-6pm on Saturday 22nd, conveniently followed by a pub crawl.

Latest Results:

Some Cuppers games have been played.
The Manchester & Somerset Society (University Singles) Trophy was won by Edward Brown, who is smug.
Tim Hunt won the Jubilee 23-12.
The Cambridge Open was won by Patrick Barrie.

CUTwC usually meets at 7:30pm on Wednesdays during term time in Selwyn College, but this term it's usually in Cripps Court, Magdelene.
All members of the University and other educational establishments in Cambridge are welcome to attend.

Contact CUTwC.

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